The Verapaz Pottery Collective is a collaboration of artists in conversation about caring for culture. The collective applies the concepts of Asset-based Community Development (ABCD) and Culture Care using the philosophy of authors, Makoto Fujimura and John McKnight as a framework. Asset-based community development is a set of methods that generate livelihood using resources that are already present in the local environment, particularly drawing from assets of a local culture. The first step to this, usually entails compiling the talents individuals have to offer their society and identifying common goals that allow dignity for all. Principles of Culture Care insist on nurturing and enacting reconciliation through the characteristic rituals of any given nation. These principles are enacted through intergenerational communication and time spent listening to one another. 

The Collective seeks to work with artists from the 20 mile (32km) radius around the campus of CCFC at Rubel Chahim. This area covers much of the heartland of Q’eqchi’ and Poqomchi’ and Achi’ ethnic groups, and spans a diverse mosaic of landscapes, from urban centers as Cobán and Salamá, to the mountain villages of Yalijux and Chituj.

Recent Updates

Scent Trails - Guatemalan pottery, is as much a visual art form as it is an olfactory experience. The best tortillas are made on a clay comal, and served alongside a bowl of smoky beans. The earthy taste from the bean pot and griddle are not easily replicated elsewhere. Whether the drink is kakaw, café, atol, o boj a fuller aroma is distinctive of being - continue reading...