Currently CCFC has several ongoing fundraising campaigns. All contributions to CCFC, whether by check or online, are tax deductible donations. If you prefer to give by personal check, make check payable to CCFC and mail check to:
Community Cloud Forest Conservation
4216 Zenith Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

Your contribution gives us a great sense of responsibility for wise stewardship of your donation. Every resource we receive, we put to efficient use to fulfill our mission of protecting forests and alleviating poverty in the remote mountain villages that border these forests.

We invite you to contribute according to your interests.

Capital Campaign for land acquisition

CCFC is launching a major capital campaign for the purchase of the land on which our center is built and to greatly increase the size of our campus. Our goal is to raise $433,000. We are well on our way, but we need your help. Once the purchase is finalized, CCFC will register the land as a sanctuary for flora and fauna. With an adjoining parcel of land, the sanctuary will include a total of 390 acres and be protected in perpetuity. Click here to learn more. You can contribute online or by check (see address below). Download a one page PDF  for more information on the land acquisition.




WALC has an proven track record. WALC offers leadership formation for young women students, giving them the tools to address environmental challenges and issues relating to poverty and malnutrition. Learn more…



Kids & Birds

Environmental Education with a focus on birds. Kids & Birds introduces students to conservation biology and citizen science through engaging children and youth with eyes to the sky… Learn more…



CCFC not only reforests but restores illegally deforested areas. Learn more…


Area of Greatest Need


Contribute to CCFC through this link and CCFC will use 100% of your contribution to the CCFC program where it is most urgently needed at the time of your contribution. This will allow us to direct your donation strategically and efficiently to leverage the greatest good at the best most opportune moment.