August 2015 —
Good news WALC supporters. Standing right beside you as you support this work is WALC’s newest friend: Dining for Women. Dining For Women (also known as DFW) is a giving circle that funds grassroots programs that benefit women around the globe. DFW is a fantastic organization and we highly recommend that you find a local chapter and join. For years CCFC has had the dream of offering its 25-day leadership training workshop and subsequent scholarship to 153 young women annually. Thanks to each of you, in 2015 we were able to accept more students than ever before, with 100 actively enrolled in the program from 2014. Thanks to each of you for sponsoring a scholarship through your $150 contributions. Were it not for your support and contributions, we would never have reached 100! We still fell 53 young women short of our overall goal of 153 in 2014.

Enter: Dining For Women. For 2015 and 2016, CCFC’s WALC program will enjoy the financial support of Dining For Women which will be enable us to offer an additional 80 scholarships each year. As the dust settles from a busy fall and we tally up the names of those who have successfully finished the 25 day workshop and meet the qualifications, we are please to announce that our total for 2015 is 229 scholarships earmarked for distribution during the 2016 school year.

To celebrate CCFC’s new partnership with DFW, friends of CCFC produced this six minute video. Please take a look: CCFC / DFW video clip . Feel free to share this video link with others.)