CCFC hosts researchers doing a very wide range of scientific investigation. CCFC not only hosts these researchers but also facilitates their work. Researchers hosted by CCFC include international, national and local, undergraduate students, graduate students from masters, doctorate, and post doctorate. CCFC directors Tara and Rob Cahill assist visiting researchers by helping hone research questions, bibliographic resources, translate and pointers / advice in dealing with local languages and cultures.

Some of CCFC’s past researchers have contributed significantly to our understanding of conservation and the dynamics around CCFC’s work.

Gemara Gifford Cornell University Masters / Agroecology
Lilly Briggs Cornell University Doctorate / Envir Ed
Ian Pope Purdue University Masters / Geography
Maiah Bartlett University of Mary Washington Honors Thesis (undergrad)
Amy Leap Miller School for International Training Research for Publication
Sidney Madsen Cornell University / Fulbright Agroecology / Food security
Peter Cahill Calvin College Senior Thesis (undergrad)
Savannah Aldrich University of Mary Washington Illustration / artist in residence
Leah Smith University of Mary Washington Agroecology / Wildlife Biology
Amber Huffman University of Mary Washington Senior Thesis / Women
Adam Hager University of Mary Washington GIS / Reforestation (undergrad)
Carl Larsen University of Mary Washington GIS / Reforestation (undergrad)
David Chambers University of Mary Washington GIS / Reforestation (undergrad)
Jack Humiston University of Mary Washington GIS (undergrad)
Rowland Griffin Indigo Expeditions Herpetology / Conservation
Christopher Clark Yale University Bio-acoustic (post doctorate)
Don Kroodsma University of Massachusetts Bio-acoustic (recording)
Jacob Schiere Environment & Architecture First Nations

Rowland Research Indigo sm
Rowland Griffin, co-founder of Indigo Expeditions conducts research on amphibians and reptiles of the cloud forest at CCFC agroecology center.


Why does CCFC take the time to host international researchers? Good question. The logic behind this is that research guides CCFC’s work. Take for example the research of one of our first researchers, Ian Pope. Ian was an undergrad student when he first visited CCFC’s campus and returned to do his Masters thesis research here with CCFC. Ian mapped cloud forest loss and we still use his maps today. Gem Gifford’s research in agroecology guides our work too. Gem investigated agroecology and bird conservation. And so on. Each researcher has helped CCFC and CCFC has helped each researcher. Today CCFC’s work is better focused and more informed than it would have been without this important research. Yes, it takes time to host and help our researchers but it is time well invested.

Research also translates into environmental education as CCFC’s researchers often reach out to CCFC students with teaching and insights into their research.

Indigo Expeditions shows Kids & Birds students the glories of the Coffee Snake
Rowland Griffin researcher with Indigo Expeditions demonstrates the beauty and docility of the Coffee Snake to CCFC Kids & Birds students.