Herpetologists research Diversity and Restoration Ecology

Since 2014, CCFC has been collaborating with Indigo Expeditions. Their work has focussed on assessing levels of amphibian and reptile diversity on our campus. To date they have identified 17 species of amphibians and 34 species of reptiles. Around 50% of the amphibian species are endangered and endemic to the region, as are many of the reptiles.

Northern Glass Frog (Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni)
Over the next few years of Indigo’s continued work we expect the number of species encountered here to increase, for example in the first half of 2018 alone, five species of snake have been encountered here for the first time.
Keeled Helmeted Iguana (Corytophanes percarinatus)
The future work of Indigo Expeditions will focus on assessing how amphibians and reptiles are able to recolonize our agroecology and reforestry parcels (as seen above: this Keeled Helmeted Iguana was found in our Amaranth and Dalia garden). We are thrilled to maintain this long-term collaboration with Indigo, their work helps to inform our conservation work and always keeps us inspired.