Bird ID guide proves its worth

CCFC’s newest educational resource is proving itself in the field this week with students of Kids & Birds program. With these hand bird guides students can identify birds in the field and access their common names in Q’eqchi’, English and the scientific name.


Central highland schools get new resource for bird identification

In 2019 all participating Kids & Birds schools will receive a laminated trifold field guide for their class room. These field guides include local birds that students will recognize from their backyards and surrounding forests. The guide includes common names in Q’eqchi’ Maya where possible. The trifolds will be used by students inside and outside the class room before, during and after their time at CCFC.

Kids & Birds Team — 2018

Kids & Birds Team for 2018 with Rudy Botzoc. Each member of the entire Kids & Birds team is an alumnae of CCFC’s WALC program. And all of them (with the exception of Josefina) are currently enrolled in either high school or university. Josefina is taking a gap year between high school and university and is the only team member to cover the work on Fridays.

Kids & Birds ready for take off

As we look toward 2018, we are especially excited about the Kids & Birds program. Schools will start arriving the last week of January. Our goal for 2018 is to have 1,200 sixth graders from January to September of 2018.

We need your help. Please contribute to Kids & Birds 2018 and help us reach our goal of having 1,200 students.

Click here to contribute to Kids & Birds

Photo © Dr. Dawn Bowen

Photo © Dr. Dawn Bowen

migratory bird coloring book, coming soon

migratory bird coloring book, coming soon

As an addition to our tool chest in Artful Eyes, CCFC is pleased to announce that before October 25th, we will be printing a coloring book of migratory birds. CCFC’s artist in residence, Savannah Aldrich, has been hard at work preparing a nine page coloring book of wood warblers. The species selected in this coloring book are all species that either winter in Guatemala’s central highlands or spend a significant time here in fall or spring as a migration stop over.

This beautiful coloring book will be both didactic and fun. Students will learn a lot about warblers and their plumage and they will get a chance to produce something beautiful. The book will serve both as a coloring book for kids and as a template for CCFC’s WALC participants to do embroidery of the representations of these beautiful birds.

Warbler plate with Savanah

(photo: Savannah Aldrich, Artist in Residence, behind her, a print of Keith Hansen’s “One Hundred And One Migratory Birds,” commissioned by the US Fish and Wildlife Foundation.)

CCFC thanks Artist in Residence, Savannah Aldrich, for her amazing work. Her gifts and talents in art will be multiplied by the number of schools, students, WALC participants and others that will use her coloring book.

Savannah Aldrich at work. Photo by Sidney Madsen
Savannah Aldrich at work. Photo by Sidney Madsen