Agroecology Center San Roman and the Chajbaoc Cloud Forest Sanctuary

CCFC has a wonderfully beneficial strategic partnership with Finca San Roman and the Chajbaoc Cloud Forest Sanctuary. CCFC has free exclusive access for education and research to this strategically located private agroecology center. CCFC’s WALC students visit this center and learn about agroecology in its beautiful gardens and parcels. WALC students also visit this amazing fragment of cloud forest right on the edge of Cobán. San Roman’s beautiful gardens are home to an impressive collection of Q’eqchi’ heirloom crops. San Roman shares with CCFC seeds and starts of heirloom Q’eqchi’ crops, including some hard to find plants. San Roman is the perfect location to connect agroecology, cloud forests, and conservation.

San Roman Agroecology Center 2

Young women participating in CCFC’s WALC program study on both finca San Roman and tour the Chajbaoc cloud forest sanctuary.

Birders are more than welcome to visit this amazing forest fragment and private reserve.

The Chajbaoc cloud forest has some amazing surprises for birders.To date, 219 species of birds have been reliably recorded at this eBird birding hotspot. Highlights include Resplendent Quetzal, Scaled Antpitta, and a nest of Green-throated Mountain Gems. Golden-winged Warblers can be found here in abundance during migration.

Chajbaoc Cloud Forest Reserve

From a conservation perspective, the land preserved in the Finca San Roman and Chajbaoc Cloud Forest Sanctuary is vitally important. The total area of conservation impact is 86.5 acres, of which 57 acres are protected forest. Located right at the edge of a bustling “concrete jungle” neighborhood of Cobán, this forest is part of an ad hoc greenbelt formed by the Calvario church property, the Las Victorias National Park and two military bases (both of which have large areas of protected forest) and the Chipoc finca. Together these form a kind of greenbelt around the north side of the city of Cobán, an important wildlife corridor and a living and growing flood insurance policy for the city.

Below is a list of recently recorded species at the birding hotspot the Chajbaoc farm.